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Jan 12, 2013 6:00pm PST
fought back tears and expressed his deep gratitude at the memorial for his daughter. they donned pink, turning the high school gym into a sea of her favorite colors and shared memories of the 19-year-old. [laughter] >> alyssa's friends grief comes in waves, going between sorrow and joy, they know she would want them to choose the letter. >> i don't want you guys to be sad anymore. >> i hate to say this brought us together but this brought us all together as a community, a family, friendship. it's amazing. ♪. reporter: the already tightknit community has green even closer as they reminisce on the girl remembered as lively, outgoing, bringing people together after death as she did in her life. >> if said this to a one of kid last night. my wife and i lost other daughter, and that's what we have gamed -- i don't know -- 150 kids. >> alyssa is being cremated and will be laid to rest privately by her family. a concert in her honor will be held saturday, february 23rd, with proceeds to a foundation. in petaluma, abc7 news. >> ama: oakland police tell us the four murders in the city friday
Jan 5, 2013 6:00pm PST
. dat dalton throws to jones. not going to get there why he didn't throw to 6, i don't know. houston gets cinci for a second straight year. texans play at new england next sunday. >> in the nfc, packers and vikings playing right now, green bay leading the game late second quarter. >>> north dakota state and sam houston state. a botched two-point akick. watch this two points better than one. the bison win their second straight title game. >> santa clara coach wanted a full house for tonight's home game verse gonzaga, one problem, students are out on winter brink so he offered $100 hotel reimbursement out of his open pocket for students to attend. 12 took him up on the offer. the place was rocking and then the opening tip. kevin foster, 17. tied at 29. right now, a tight one, 46-44. gonzaga in the second half. >> randy bennett and st. mary's opening west coast conference play against am ama's loyola. james walker iii, 12 points off the bench. catch and shoot three in transition, bottom, 50-41 gaels pulling away. 74-61 the final. st. marys now 12-3. >> knew it would be a tough game comi
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2